Summer Editions 2024: Exciting New Shopify Updates

Jun 27, 2024
Summer Editions 2024: Exciting New Shopify Updates

It's summertime, and while the temperatures are rising, Shopify is turning up the heat with its latest round of platform updates and features in the Summer Editions 2024. This release includes over 150 new features and enhancements that we’re eager to share with you.

Here are some highlights:

Combined Listings App

The Combined Listings app, introduced in the Winter Editions, is now live. This app allows Plus stores to create “combined listings” directly from the admin panel. With this feature, you can take different products and present them as a single product with its own URL, image, and listing. It’s a convenient way to bundle multiple products into one comprehensive offering.

Stay tuned as we dive into more exciting updates and share our thoughts on how these new features can enhance your Shopify experience.

Combined listing app

Combining multiple products into a single product listing is a great way to merchandise items. This approach allows you to highlight certain brands or create related product listings, giving customers greater choice and insight into their options. It enhances the shopping experience by showcasing complementary products together, making it easier for customers to find what they need.

New Style Settings For Themes

Introducing the new style setting for themes – an innovative feature designed to give you more control over your store's appearance. With this setting, you can effortlessly customize colors, fonts, and layout elements to perfectly match your brand's identity. Enhance your Shopify store's look and feel with our intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing for seamless and precise adjustments. Say goodbye to generic designs and hello to a unique, professional, and engaging online presence.

Custom theme settings

Store Credits

You can now natively issue store credit to any customer, and they can checkout using their balance—amazing! We've been anticipating this since the last Editions, and it's finally here. Access this new feature directly in the Shopify Customer admin. You can view balances, transaction history, and enable customers to spend their credits at checkout.

Store credits

Various apps have tried to simulate the idea of store credits, but none could quite do it directly within checkout—until now! This highly requested feature is finally here. You can access it directly from the customer admin to add and track balances for every customer. This feature is also accessible from the Customer API, so we expect many new apps to support it. No more weird tags or metafields; it's all native on the customer account.

Split Shipments

You can now give customers more choices at checkout by showing them when an order will be split into multiple shipments. They can then choose the lowest price, the fastest delivery, or custom shipping options. This feature is especially useful if your store uses different providers or 3PL locations. Customers can see when a shipment is being split and select the best option for each part of their order, providing greater transparency and convenience at checkout.


.dev assistant

.dev assistant is a new AI-powered tool on designed to help you easily learn and use Shopify’s GraphQL Admin APIs. With simple natural language instructions, the tool generates fully usable GraphQL queries and mutations, significantly reducing build time. Future updates will include additional use cases relevant for Shopify app and theme developers.

.dev assistant

Even Better Analytics

Shopify's Summer 2024 update promises enhanced analytics and reporting. You can now access real-time insights and, soon, use ShopifyQL to query data within a report. Improved data and reporting are crucial for running a successful store, and this update provides better support for analytics.

Better Analytics

Shopify Flow

We’re excited to introduce the Flow template app extension, which allows you to attach automations directly to your app. This simplifies the process for merchants to discover and utilize your app's capabilities, making it easier to build common automations for your users.

Flow templates harness the full power of Flow, including the recently added Send Admin API request for mutating any Shopify resource and the Run Code action. After deploying your app, Shopify will review and, upon approval, include your templates in the Flow template library.

You can access the Flow template app extension via the Shopify CLI using the shopify app generate extension command.

Shopify Flow

Visually Build Hydrogen Stores With UTOPIA

The Hydrogen Visual Editor, powered by Utopia, marks a significant advancement in Shopify's commitment to enhancing web and commerce technologies through open source contributions. Since our acquisition of Utopia in 2022, we've integrated its capabilities into our latest tool: the Hydrogen Visual Editor. This intuitive WYSIWYG editor is tailored for headless storefronts, enabling non-technical users to engage in content editing seamlessly while optimizing developer efficiency.

With the Hydrogen Visual Editor, your code remains the authoritative source, ensuring control over builds. All modifications sync directly to Github with concise differentials, facilitating the implementation of custom interfaces for effortless content adjustments and templated page creation by non-technical teams.

Furthermore, leveraging familiar tools like VScode, Github, and CI/CD, developers can expedite workflows by merging branches and tagging releases. Integrating data into pages from metaobjects, the Storefront API, or your CMS is simplified, and Oxygen facilitates instant previews.

Shopify now offers a unique convergence of Liquid Themes and headless capabilities, complemented by robust visual editing tools. No other commerce platform integrates such comprehensive functionality in one ecosystem. The Hydrogen Visual Editor, powered by Utopia, is set to enter early access soon, heralding a new era of user-centric development experiences.

Collect Deposits for B2B

If you're utilizing Shopify's B2B features on Plus, you can now enable a "deposit" functionality to collect a percentage amount at checkout. This feature is ideal if you require customers to pay a deposit for their orders. You have the flexibility to set up deposits for all company locations or specify them for particular company locations.

Deposits from B2B

When creating company locations, you can edit the payment terms and choose the deposit option. By checking this box, you can then enter the required deposit amount.

Revamped Shopify Markets

You may recall Markets as Shopify's "international selling" service. Now, Shopify is transforming it into a dedicated admin that consolidates B2B, retail, and international selling into a single centralized location. This new interface will roll out to all Shopify customers over the next few months, so it's not yet available.

Previously, tasks like international cross-border sales, B2B management, and Shopify POS administration were spread across different pages within the Shopify admin. The new Markets section brings all these functionalities together under one section in your Shopify admin.

Markets has been relocated from the Settings page to the main left-side navigation in Shopify. Once launched, Shopify POS merchants can assign specific catalogs and publish them to any retail location. B2B merchants will also find their market-related activities consolidated within this section.

Revamp shopify markets

Lots More Great Stuff

The Summer Editions 2024 brings a wealth of exciting updates. While we've highlighted a few standout features here, we encourage you to explore the full range of updates and features released in Shopify Summer 2024 for yourself.

Stay tuned for more such updates and book a call with us at to understand how your business can leverage these updates for exponential growth!