Why Shopify Plus for B2B Wholesale?


B2B ecommerce with the full power of Shopify sell wholesale together with the rest of your business from one intuitive admin, no apps or coding required.

Shopify B2B Features

company profile

Company Profiles

Effectively manage buyer interactions with precision. Customize profiles tailored to different buyers and locations, each equipped with specific payment terms and access permissions.

product customization

Product Customization

Ensure precise management of buyer interactions. Craft profiles tailored to diverse buyers and locations, each featuring customized payment terms and access permissions.

store personalization

Store Personalization

Craft individualized online spaces for each customer, elevating their shopping journey with a personalized touch.

order flexibility

Ordering Flexibility

Apply customized rules for product orders, designed to accommodate the purchasing patterns of your B2B clients, including minimums, maximums, and increments.

pricing control

Pricing Control

Assign personalized price lists directly to company profiles, streamlining the purchasing process.

order processing

Simplified Order Processing

Shopify Plus simplifies your B2B order management, from quotation to sale, ensuring a seamless buying experience for your clients.

payment scheduling

Payment Scheduling

Monitor and manage payment timelines directly from your admin area.

simplified reordering

Simplified Re-ordering

Simplify frequent purchases, encouraging regular sales.

efficient payment

Efficient Payment Management

Effortlessly organize payments using draft orders and reminders.

order review

Order Review

Confirm and fulfill orders efficiently under administrative supervision.

secure card storage

Secure Card Storage

Customers can securely store payment details for expedited checkouts.

customizable checkout

Customizable Checkout

Customize payment and delivery options seamlessly within the checkout process.

simplified order

Simplified Order Processing

Empower buyers with control over their purchases and order tracking for streamlined buying experiences.

international expansion

International Expansion

Engage with global clients by accommodating local currencies and tax considerations.

B2B ecommerce

B2B E-commerce Expansion

Build your B2B ecosystem with our comprehensive APIs and compatible applications.

Effortless Integration

Rapidly launch and seamlessly integrate with your current systems.

Streamline your operations by seamlessly connecting with Shopify's flexible integrations, open APIs, and automated order processing, reducing the time spent managing multiple platforms.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopify B2B is a suite of features on Shopify Plus that allows businesses to sell products in bulk to other businesses directly through their Shopify store.

Shopify B2B offers specialized tools for handling bulk orders, custom pricing, and business-specific needs, which are not typically a focus in regular Shopify consumer-oriented setup.

Yes, Shopify B2B supports international sales by offering multi-currency transactions and localized tax settings.

Shopify B2B can integrate with various ERP systems to ensure streamlined operations across your business processes.

Shopify B2B allows you to set custom price lists and assign them to specific customer profiles without the use of third-party apps.

Yes, with Shopify B2B, you can set up and manage net payment terms directly through the admin dashboard.

Absolutely, Shopify B2B provides options to personalize the shopping experience with customer-specific product catalogs and pricing.

Shopify offers a range of support options, including documentation, community forums, and customer support teams to assist you in setting up and managing your B2B storefront.