Technical Support

Shopify Retainer for support, growth & optimisation.

Our retainer grows & supports Shopify & Shopify Plus stores.

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Technical Support
Maintainance Services
Corrective Maintenance Services

It refers to a set of activities to remediate user-reported errors in the source code, we can also call it “bug” maintenance. The nature of this maintenance is urgent, but most of the time it focuses on low severity “bugs” and it is more on improving codes instead of fixing major bugs.

Preventive Maintenance Services

It is the practice of implementing preventive measures to ensure that website continues to operate as expected. Preventive maintenance helps us reduce the unforeseen impact of evolving devices and systems on which the software operates.

Adaptive Maintenance Services

It is an activity to alter the website code to prevent external problems in other modules of the system. It is required when issues are triggered by changes in the operating system, hardware, business policies, security issues, or software dependencies.

Perfective Maintenance Services

It is an iterative process that involves ongoing engineering efforts once the website is delivered. It aims to enhance the performance and functionality of the website by capturing user feedback and making necessary improvements to the codebase.

24/7 clock support
24/7 Support Services

Our support service includes break/fix services, troubleshooting, bug fixing, ongoing guidance, data backup, advisory, and more. Our highly experienced support staff is always available to address your website-related concerns.

hiring model
Fixed Project
Fixed Project

The fixed project-based hiring facilitates clients to onboard our experienced Shopify developers from the start to the end of the project. Upon agreeing on a project price, they will assist you at each step of your Shopify development journey.

Scheduled Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

Hire dedicated remote resources from a vast pool of Shopify developers & experts. the developers will work on your project for dedicated hours. You will have complete control over the work, including transparent communication and prices.

On-demand Resources
Resources On-Demand

We make available-resources on-demand needed to complete a task, suck as Shopify theme developers, engineers or from Shopify app developers to Shopify website developers. You can hire resources on hours, days or weekly basis.

Monthly Shopify support services, access Shopify developers, designers & growth experts when you need them every month.

One membership retainer, all our expert Shopify services, every month. Our membership offers Shopify support and optimisation services to help you grow and improve your Shopify or Shopify Plus store.

business growth

At the budding stage, effective software maintenance can help a startup achieve desired results. Whether it's enhancing back-end functionality, upgrading UI/UX, or improving other features, we'll be with you every step of the way.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

We can offer you the finest resources to maintain your business software, ensuring it becomes profitable for your business and eliminates any roadblocks to business growth.

Large Enterprises

In large enterprises, software maintenance and support are imperative to keep pace with all operations. Here, we serve as a comprehensive software maintenance and support solution provider for large enterprises.

Shopify Development Retainer

Launch the best features with the best tech to convert more customers.

Our Shopify retainer includes access to our Shopify development team. As an accredited Shopify expert, our Shopify developers are highly experienced and can launch the very best features for your customers. We have experience in both developing bespoke features unique to your business or enterprise as well as integrating the best technology from our Shopify app partners. Whether it's bug fixes, tweaks, adding subscriptions, creating custom apps,or rolling out your latest ideas, our expert Shopify developers have you covered.